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You want to take language learning to the next level, without feeling that you're losing time or money? 

Every time you don't understand what someone is saying or how to express yourself is a missed opportunity. We provide you with everything you need to acquire a new language successfully, through speaking, listening and practicing. 

Our Knowledge Base

It contains guides on finding and working with speaking partners, listening-reading exercises, a library of resources to learn from, some language guides, and a habit tracker for your journey. 

With just one conversation per week, daily practicing, plus some listening exercises you will make steady progress in your language. More importantly, you‘ll be exploring the depths of your brain and extending its capacities. 

This membership gives you full access to our Knowledge Base with methods and resources to use. 

Speaking Practice

As a DIY Member, we provide with a guide on finding partners or teachers to learn through conversations. 

As a Full Member, we take care of this for you with a tutors for conversations, recommending personalized activities and coaching you through an enjoyable language journey. 

What output to expect

This membership allows you to become fluent very fast through the Lingophant method. The membership provides you with everything you need to be successful, but requires a bit of work like finding a tutor / conversation partner, and following through with the activities yourself. 

You can really build a personal vocabulary with native speakers. Find an exchange buddy or a partner, and they will record phrases you can practice afterwards. One session a week with 20-30 new phrases means 1000-1500 phrases in your long-term memory in a year. Studies have shown that 1000 words are worth 75-85% of spoken and written language (in the case of Spanish). So you‘ll be basically fluent with a few hours per week, and a 20-30 minutes practice session each day. 

Included is also participation in the Lingo Sessions on Tuesday. The difference is that the language sessions have a specific teacher and language, whereas the language exchange depends on who comes and wants to host. 

Guide: finding a conversation partner
Speaking Practice
Knowledge Base
Materials, Guides, Resources
Lingo Sessions
Language Exchange
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DIY Membership

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